If you haven’t guessed it already, these two are expecting a baby girl! Perfectly pink everything, even Dad’s shirt, tells it all. But what really tells the story here is the way they look into their eyes and cuddle the perfectly round basketball of a bump, and future bundle of joy.  They even braved the […]

Do you ever wonder if things come together because they are just meant to be? This is one of those stories where things just came together… or did they really?  About a year ago I was completing my University Internships, one of which required me to work at Loblaws. As I was working away one […]

I knew deep down that Joelle and Matt’s wedding was going to be one I wouldn’t miss when I decided to come back to Ottawa from my European backpacking adventure on a Friday, and then fly back to London the following Monday. To this day, I don’t regret it for a moment!  Joelle and Matt […]

This wedding was definitely one of my favourites for the season. Nothing gets me more excited than being in on a secret plan… I was all jittery inside when Dan and Lynne told me about their plan to get married in their backyard, but with a catch: all of the guests would be unaware that […]