Ninetta + Wyatt / Surprise Engagement in Iceland / Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Do you ever wonder if things come together because they are just meant to be? This is one of those stories where things just came together… or did they really? 

About a year ago I was completing my University Internships, one of which required me to work at Loblaws. As I was working away one afternoon, none other than my childhood friend of 20+ years, Ninetta, walked in. Over hug, a chuckle, and a quick exchange about where life was taking us, we realized that we were both graduating school around the same time. I was quick to extend a travel invite as I was planning on touring eight European countries that fall. Sparks flew and she decided that she would join me for the Iceland portion of the trip. 

Fast forward a couple of months, she invited me to her annual Cinco de Mayo party, where I got to meet some of her friends and her boyfriend of several years, Wyatt. I joked about marriage, as wedding photographers do, and I joked that Wyatt should come to Iceland with us for a photoshoot. This was all just a joke! 

Joke turned reality when Wyatt took me up on the invite. He contacted me roughly a month before my departure to fill me in on his secret plan to propose to Ninetta in Iceland. I could barely contain my excitement, but I did remain sworn to secrecy. 

When we met up in Iceland, Wyatt and I decided that Day 2 would be the big day. It was rainy – like really rainy and we decided to drive to the south of Iceland to see the black sand beaches in Vik, and continue on the Ice-fields in Jokulsaron. May I add that my yachting friend Chloe was an excellent tour guide, as she decided to join us despite having toured Iceland a month prior to our arrival.

I tried to take a few photos of Ninetta and Wyatt on the way when the rain subsided from time to time, but he just wasn’t acting like himself. I could tell that Ninetta was getting a little bit frustrated. We drove, and drove, and drove… the rain wouldn’t stop. We tried to find a glacier field for the engagement but it was just too foggy. At one point, we exited our vehicle and Wyatt gave me the ok. There was no one in sight, and the mist made everything hazy. Wyatt took Ninetta’s hand and they walked up to the ledge of rocks. And there is happened, rain gear and all – he proposed!! 

Emotions sky rocketed from then on, and we were all buzzing as we made our way to the ice-fields. The drive back to Reykjavik was absolutely spectacular as we were driving into the sunset as the clouds lifted from the rain. 

The energy continued the following day as we explored the North-West end of Iceland, up to the small town of Stykkish├│lmur (don’t worry, I can’t pronounce it either). We ate at a delicious seafood restaurant, and wandered around the quiet town. Honestly, the best part about this leg of the trip was how quiet it was. At times it can really feel like you are visiting another planet. 

Thanks Wyatt for putting in the extra effort to make your engagement to Ninetta extra special!! We all enjoyed watching it unfold on such a beautiful canvas ­čÖé One for the books friends! 


And here are few photos of us flying high on all of the awesomeness in Iceland and a new engagement! 

Haha! Tricked ya Ninetta!! 


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  1. Gwen Williams

    March 22nd, 2017 at 9:21 pm

    I absolutely loved your essay on Wyatt and Ninetta’s engagement. The pictures are beautiful. It was so emotional for me. I love both of these young people and will wish them happiness and long life on their wedding day in October. Hope to meet you on that special day Cindy.