Christine + Jons / Netherlands Wedding / Ottawa Photographer

This wedding has a very personal component for me. The bride, Christine is literally my oldest friend, because our moms were friends when they were both pregnant with us. We grew up together while attending a french speaking daycare, we went to the same small elementary school, and we winter camped together in Girl Guides. 

Fast forward nearly 20 years, and nothing much has changed. Christine spent her younger years dreaming about travelling the word and discovering culture. She met the man of her dreams, a dutch gentleman called Jons when she was studying in Germany. I had always been the artist, the creative one. It is no surprise that I have made photography a career. 

Our worlds collied once again when Christine’s wedding day approached. I was invited to be the official photographer for their Dutch-Canadian wedding in Roermond, the south of the Nertherlands. The Canadian families rented a villa, where the wedding would take place. 

Over 30 Canadians gathered in the small Dutch town to meet the Dutch friends and relatives. French Canadian and Dutch traditions came together, and even though we all got lost in translation during the speeches, it was by far one of the most heartfelt weddings I have ever been to. Yes – I did cry behind the camera one too many times. 

Christine and Jons biked down a quintessential dutch bike path, frolicked in a Heather Moorland field, and danced like pros. It would have been difficult to ask for a more perfect day. However, things got even better when Christine’s sisters led a flash-mob dance that they had coordinated with all of the wedding attendees (they sent everyone a youtube instructional video in secret)! Everyone was moving in sync as the newlyweds were left astonished. I couldn’t have though of a better way to get the dance floor pumping! Even Oma was dancing with the crowd 🙂 



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