Dan + Lynne / Surprise Backyard Wedding – Ottawa

This wedding was definitely one of my favourites for the season. Nothing gets me more excited than being in on a secret plan… I was all jittery inside when Dan and Lynne told me about their plan to get married in their backyard, but with a catch: all of the guests would be unaware that they were actually attending a wedding. 

They invited over 150 guest to attend their “Pond Party” – a sort of house warming get together to enjoy their new home. People rolled in with their tents and trailers form near and far for the big bash. Dan and Lynne snuck away from their guest for about 30 minutes, making clever excuses for their absence as they got ready in the bedrooms upstairs. Chairs were set up, and the guests were invited to come to the front of the house. 

As guests started coming around the corner, there were tears of joy and excitement, confused kids still carrying corn on the cob, and many had a beer in hand. During the ceremony I got to witness so many beautiful emotions. And the best part of all was that no one had a moment to get stressed out. 

Complete with a food truck, a bonfire and a fantastic DJ, friends and family of all ages danced well into the evening as the moon glistened in the sky. 

Congratulations Dan and Lynne for pulling off such a fantastic wedding – it was a true honour to be invited into such a special kind of celebration. 



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