Heartfelt Grange de la Gatineau Wedding / Michelle + George

There was something so relaxed and heartfelt about Michelle and George’s wedding at La Grange de la Gatineau. For one, all of day’s events were at one single location. However, it was their “don’t stress” motto that really set the tone for the day. Even though George forgot his wedding day shirt at home in Ottawa, it was only a quick ride back into the city and a good laugh later on when he finally told Michelle about the mishap.

Most importantly, all of the emotions that were visible on this special day were from the heart. Everyone around could see their eyes sparkling when they looked at each other.

My favourite part of the day was when we snuck away from dinner for 30 minutes to enjoy the sunset by the water and make create some images worth cherishing. 

Photographing Michelle and George felt like a I was invited into the lives of close friends to document something truly special. Thank you so much for sharing your love with me, and for being your authentic selves all day. I could not ask for better clients.

Thank you also to Charlie Barnett (Charlie Barnett Photography) for assisting me and for second shooting on this day. I really appreciate the support! 


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