Welcome Baby Niamh!

Niamh (Irish pronunciation: [ˈniːəv], from Old Irish Niaṁ) is an Irish feminine given name (meaning “bright” or “radiant”)

It really hadn’t been very long since I had photographed Elly and her nearly bursting belly when I received an e-mail asking if I would join them again for a Newborn Session when their beautiful baby girl Niamh was born. 

The skies were grey on this quiet Sunday when I was invited into their home. There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing the subtle growing pains when a family welcomes a new baby into their lives. Big sister Aoife was full of mixed emotions and bustling with energy when she was asked to embrace her new baby sister. Mom and Dad certainly have their hands full, but they took a moment to be present with their newborn daughter Niamh.

Thank you so much for inviting me in to capture your beautiful budding family 🙂  


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