Patenaudes – Family

Everything feels effortless when I spend time with this special family – the unrelenting laughter, the making jokes, the story telling, and for me, the photographing. As I observed through my viewfinder, I reminisced the many times I was invited into their private lives throughout my teenage years. It was so much more than just epic family vacations to Maine or PEI, it was true quality time and a very special family bond. This family taught me how to forget about the clock, and how to turn the mundane into belly laughs and forever lasting memories. They gave me the gift of untouchable happiness.  

They made such a strong impression on me, and continue to do so, as their values keep me grounded, and their simplistic joy de vivre continues to inspire me. I couldn’t be more thankful for you five, Joey, Sandy, Steffi, Brigitte and Gaby. – Douse any hardship with that kind of attitude, and watch it take on a promising course!  


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